Shipping container sales progress

Illinois Transport, Inc has recently developed a new revenue stream for its business across the Midwest of the United States. The company now sells new, used, refurbished, and modified shipping containers for a multitude of uses across various industry sectors. As well as shipping containers, the company also sells other intermodal equipment such as generator sets (known as “gensets”) and chassis.

“We are very pleased to report a significant increase in the equipment sales side of the business during the second half of 2017 and through Q1 of 2018.” said President and CEO, Joshua Cooley. “We now have dedicated teams at our strategic network of 4 depots across the Midwest who are managed by our equipment sales and leasing manager, Bobby Wall.”

The majority of the revenue from the equipment sales side of our business is generated from used, refurbished, and modified shipping containers. There is an increasingly diverse range of uses for these containers such temporary homes, schools, cafes, workshops, offices, toilets and even indoor nurseries/gardens and swimming pools.

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